LATISSE® (Eyelash Growth Enhancer)

Want fuller, longer and darker eyelashes? Ask us about LATISSE®

What is LATISSE®?

LATISSE® is a prescription eyelash product for treating inadequate or not enough eyelashes. This product is approved in Canada to grow your natural eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

How does LATISSE® work?

LATISSE® is believed to prolong the growth (anagen) phase of the active eyelashes. LATISSE® solution is applied daily to the surface of the skin of the upper eyelid.

Visible result will show as early as 4 weeks, with full effect in 12-16 weeks.

Individual treatment results may vary.

How is LATISSE® different?

Unlike over-the-counter eyelash product that condition and moisturize lashes, or mascara products that make your lashes look longer than they are, LATISSE® has been clinically proven to actually grow noticeably fuller, longer and darker lashes.

Can anyone use LATISSE®?

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